© 2019 John Frochaux

EX-NOVIOS "El Más Sensual" (LIVE)

1st single from the EP "Live At Corredor Sur", which contains a collections of songs performed live by EX-NOVIOS, on the overpass of one of Panama city's busiest highways... during rush hour.

This song features Renato, the legendary creator and father of Reggaeton on vocals.

Recorded live on location by Nacho Molino.

Recording Assistant: Diego Pitti

Mixed by: Nacho Molino @ PTY Studios.

Mastered by: Alex Psaroudakis Mastering, NYC.

LOS NUEVOS BAJOS "Cien Años" (2019)
Post punk boleros from a band fronted by famed punk rock crooner Spike, from ME FIRST AND THE GIMME GIMMES.
Backed by an arsenal of musicians that have played with such greats as Prince, Ruben Blades and Los Rabanes. LNB are currently completing their debut full length album which is slated to be released in the spring of 2020.
"Cien años" if from their most recent 7" released on San Francisco Latin label Del Corazón Music.
FROJAX "En La Nave" (2018)
Ever since 1998, Juan has been recording and releasing music under the alias Frojax.
When Juan discovered his son Santi's new found interest in UFO's and spaceships, he wrote and recorded this song for him. Santi also collabroated in the creative process by contributing the drawings featured in this video.
All music, lyrics, instruments and production by Juan Frochaux.
Video edited by: Joe I.

A tribute to the Ramones featuring an actual Ramone. From the Lucyfernandez release "Y Sus Grandes Amigos"

The footage for this video was captured during Lucyfernandez's 2015 tour through NYC's five boroughs, which was sponsored by Vans shoes.

Produced by: Juan Frochaux

Recorded by: Nacho Molino.

Mixed  and Mastered by: Nacho Molino @ PTY Studios.

Documentary film about CJ Ramone's legendary and controversial visit to the island of Cuba.
The funds to create this movie were raised via a successful crowdfunding campaign. Juan Frochaux not only played drums during this tour, he also served as the campaign administrator, tour organizer, and as the producer of this film.
"Havana GoGo:..." was also a featured selection in Panamás Haya Film festival.
Directed by: Joe DeRoux
Producers: Juan Frochaux and CJ Ramone